Made from high-quality materials, our custom-made air box boot is designed to withstand the toughest terrain and provide a secure and stable seal for your Honda CR250 air box. With precise fit and easy installation, you can rest assured that your engine will breathe easier, and perform at its best. Our air box boot is custom made to exact specifications for the Honda CR250 1992-96, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Upgrade your ride with our Honda CR250 air box boot today, and experience the improved performance and durability that comes with our high-quality product.


This fits: HONDA 1992-96 CR250 AIR BOX BOOT SET

QVMX  makes our plastic and rubber like products out of the highest quality polyurethane available for longer lasting, better looking stuff for your ride. All parts of our products are made in house for unsurpassed quality control. Quality and service sets us apart from everyone else.


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